Survive Accounting 1, Full Cram Bundle (FALL 2022)

Lee Ingram

Worried about passing Accounting?

Lee's Survive Accounting Bundle has helped over 200 students cram for their exams.

  • 150+ Bite-size Review Videos (learn concepts 10x faster than reading your textbook.)
  • Quizlet Flashcards for all 11 Chapters (quickly memorize the most important terms)
  • Mock Exams for all 11 Chapters (feel confident AF after reviewing problems similar to your tests.)
  • Group Test Prep sessions via Zoom (go over Mock Exams in real-time + ask questions the week of your test)

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Survive Accounting is better than conventional cramming methods for 3 reasons...

#1 — Your accounting textbook is boring AF.

  • Let's be real. Reading your accounting textbook is a miserable and ineffective way to study. Don't waste time. Reinforce key terms fast using Survive Accounting's online Quizlet flash cards.

#2 — Your professor isn't making this class any easier.

  • Professors tend to over-complicate Accounting — when, in reality, it's super simple. Learn tricky accounting concepts the easy way using Survive Accounting's bite-size Cram videos.

#3 — Accounting students often go into exams thinking they're ready... and they still fail.

  • I see it all the time. Students spend 20+ hours studying, and still make an F. What gives?
  • Don't fool yourself. You either understand accounting, or you don't. Assess your knowledge using Survive Accounting's mock exams. Then, fix your areas needing improvement — so you can dominate your test with actual confidence this time.

Buy Survive Accounting Risk Free!

I truly believe Survive Accounting is the best way to succeed in Accounting, which is why purchases include a Pass Your Class™ Guarantee.*

If you're unhappy with your grade at the end of the semester, email to receive a refund — no questions asked.

  • If you make an F in your course, receive a full refund.
  • If you make a D in your course, receive a 50% refund.
  • If you make a C in your course, receive a 25% refund.

*Valid only for purchases made before 10/31/22.

Survive Accounting was developed by Lee Ingram — a total Accounting Tutoring Nerd:

  • Bachelor's in Accounting, Ole Miss (2016)
  • Master's in Accounting, Ole Miss (2017)
  • 7+ years of tutoring experience, 1000+ students tutored
    • Lee's on a mission to develop insanely-good cram material for not just this course — but ALL tough accounting courses!

Want to test Survive Accounting out before you buy?
Check out FREE Cram material at the links below:

Survive Test 1:
Chapter 1 Cram Videos
Chapter 1 Mock Exam
Chapter 1 Flashcards

Survive Test 2:
Chapter 5 Cram Videos
Chapter 5 Mock Exam
Chapter 5 Flashcards

Survive Test 3:
Chapter 8 Cram Videos
Chapter 8 Mock Exam
Chapter 8 Flashcards

I truly believe my material is the best strategy for any student struggling to grasp accounting, which is why all purchases include my Pass Your Class™ Guarantee.

Don't wait until it's too late. Or, worse — don't wait until you're having to retake the course.

Buy Survive Accounting today and start cramming like a boss!
- Lee

Still not sure if Survive Accounting is the right fit for you?
Book a 15-minute Gameplan Call w/ Lee, and let's chat over it!

Note: Access to this Survive Accounting 1 Bundle expires on 12/31/22. If you need to renew your access, please email

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  • Bite-Size Cram Videos, Mock Exams similar to your tests, AND Quizlet Flashcards for Chapters 1 - 11. (Includes PASS YOUR CLASS™ Guarantee*)

  • 150+ Bite-Size Cram Videos
    $700 Value
  • Mock Exams — all 11 Chapters
    $550 Value
  • Quizlets — all 11 Chapters
    $550 Value
  • Group Test Prep Tutoring
    $300 Value
  • — Price You'll Pay:
  • Bite-Size Cram Videos, Mock Exams similar to your tests, AND Quizlet Flashcards for Chapters 1 - 11. (Includes PASS YOUR CLASS™ Guarantee*)
  • 150+ Bite-Size Cram Videos$700 Value
  • Mock Exams — all 11 Chapters$550 Value
  • Quizlets — all 11 Chapters$550 Value
  • Group Test Prep Tutoring$300 Value
  • — Price You'll Pay:$1500
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